11. Software patches/updates

Although new software is rigorously tested before it is released for sale, it is almost impossible to test every single line of code.

software patch

Some people spend their time trying to find security issues with software that will enable them to bypass the normal security and access a user's files or system.

As soon as a security issue is identified the software manufacturer will work quickly to create a 'fix'. They will usually release this fix as a software patch or update on their web site. People who use the software can download the latest patch which will ensure that they close any potential security loopholes on their system.

Some software can be set to automatically download the latest patches, for example any of the Windows operating systems. This means that you don't have to remember to go and look for the latest updates. As soon as one is released, the next time the computer is booted, the patch will automatically download and be applied to the software.


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