9. Stress

Stress brought on through the use of computers is one of the major causes of work related illness.


There are many different reasons why people become stressed at work.  However, here is a list of some of the major causes brought about by the use of computers:

  • Many people are afraid of computers, they don't understand them and feel they will look stupid if they admit that they don't know how to operate one.
  • People worry that a computer will be able to replace them and they might lose their jobs.
  • Things change so fast in the world of computing that it can be very stressful just trying to keep up to date with new ideas, techniques and equipment, especially for older people.
  • It is getting increasingly hard to separate work and home life.  People can be contacted easily by their bosses or clients.  E-mail, the Internet and mobile phones mean that people continue to work even after they have left the office.
  • The amount of information that ICT systems can produce is often far too much for anyone to take in.  This results in 'information overload' and people end up feeling they can't cope and become stressed.
  • Workers can be monitored using ICT systems.  Call centre staff are monitored to make sure that they don't spend too long on any one call.  The number of products that a check-out person scans during a minute are counted.  This feeling of being constantly 'watched' can be very stressful.
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Palpitations
  • Feeling sick
  • Depression

By the organisation:

  • Regular communication between staff and managers to sort out any issues.
  • Comprehensive training schemes so that staff know how to use the technology.
  • Checks to ensure that staff have a reasonable workload.

By individuals

  • Try to switch off when you leave work - don't answer emails or phone calls
  • Try not to take work home
  • Tell your boss if you are feeling under pressure so you can discuss it.
  • Talk to other staff about problems you are experiencing.
  • Ask for help

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