3. Computerised presentation software

The modern way of making a presentation is to use a desktop or laptop connected to a digital projector.

digital projector

Presentation software is used to create the presentation and it is stored electronically either on the hard disk, a network or a storage device such as a memory stick.

The data from the presentation is then passed to the projector for presentation onto a wall screen.


Advantages Disadvantages
The presentation package allows you to easily create text and bullet points in any style or font that is present on the computer. The equipment is expensive, but laptops are also used for normal office work and so the cost is not unique to the presentation task alone.
Dynamic effects such as slide transitions are also very popular as well as in-slide effects such as revealing lines one by one as the points are made Files can and do get corrupted which is not apparent until the presentation is underway
Slides are numbered automatically and will always be in the right order even when you delete or move a slide More complex technology makes it less reliable than OHP, any problem with laptop, cable or projector can ruin a presentation
It is very simple to duplicate a slide then make some tweaks to the new one Needs someone who is computer literate to create the presentation in the first place. The presenter also needs to have some knowledge in how to load and navigate through the presentation.
Multimedia files can be included such as video or audio files Can be awkward to move the equipment from place to place, especially the projector
Presentations are stored as electronic files and can be easily emailed or transported on memory sticks.  
Presentations are usually in full colour.  
Handouts are easily made to support the presentation and to give the audience a copy of what they have been shown  
Slide shows can be automated or interactive depending on the situation. For instance an information booth could contain a presentation that viewers select  

All these features mean that the OHP method has been largely replaced with computer based presentations.


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