4. Hierarchical presentations

hierarchicalThis is somewhere in-between a completely linear and a completely non-linear presentation.

The slides are organised in a tree-like structure where the presentation has branched paths.

The user starts at slide one. They may be presented with branching options immediatly or they may view a number of slides before the options are presented.

Once the user has chosen a path to follow, movement through the following slides follows a 'pre-determined route'. They cannot deviate from their path nor can they 'jump' to another section.

For instance a presentation may contain a choice to be made ‘Sales’ and ‘Manufacturing’ on a certain slide. If you choose Sales at that point, you view a certain set of slides related to sales. On the other hand if you had chosen ‘Manufacturing’ then you would see a completely different set of slides related to manufacturing.

Hierarchical presentations are excellent for presenting highly structure material such as a training session. The viewer may choose a training subject then follows a certain path through the slide set.


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