3. Non linear presentations

nonlinearWith this kind of presentation, it is possible to jump to any out-of-order slides.

There will be some navigation method built into the presentation such as 'Go To', Previous, Next buttons and perhaps hyperlinks are included that jump to other parts of the presentation.

Non linear presentations are excellent where audience participation is expected and encouraged. For instance a manager summarising the latest progress of a project with his team, team members may interject to explain something, as a result the manager jumps to a different slide.


Advantages of non-linear presentations Disadvantages of non- linear presentations
Slides can be accessed in any order More complicated than a simple linear presentation
User can go both forward and backwards through the slides should they want to view a particular slide again. Harder to predict the timing of the presentation
Can provide a presentation that meets the needs of the individual user. Harder to hand over the presentation for someone else to do
The presenter can use the same presentation for different audiences Need to incorporate navigation method into the slides
Improved interactivity. Non-linear allows the presenter to invisibly skip slides should they want to, for instance the points covered in the next slide may now be irrelevant following a dialogue with the audience Harder to prepare a set of handouts
A 'generic' presentation can be adapted to suit a particular audience. For instance a sales team might be very interested in the sales figures slides of the presentation pack, but the production team are more interested in the production figures slides that are also in the same pack. The presenter can skip the irrelevant ones.  


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