3. Desktop Publishing Software (DTP)

What is it?

DTP software is used to arrange text and graphics into professional looking publications which can then be printed out. 

A word processing package is generally used to deal with large quantities of text, whereas a DTP package allows you much more flexibility with the layout of text and graphics.  

What is it used for?
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Business cards
How were things done before dtp?

Newspapers and magazines had to be created using a large printing press.  This was a very labour intensive process where every letter had to be manually placed in the right position.  There was very little flexibility in the layouts which could be achieved.

Features of DTP

Word processing and DTP applications have many of the same features available, for example, text boxes, text formatting features, drawing and graphics tools. 

Most DTP packages provide a large, ready made range of professional looking templates to enable you to quickly create a publication.

They also have an easy to use wizard which guides you through the setting up process of a new publication. 

Frames allow text and images to be freely moved around the page.


- There is more control over the layout of the publication than there is with a word processing package.
- Large amount of templates which means a novice user can create a professional looking publication very easily.
- When text is in a frame it can be manipulated with great precision to fit into the space available.


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