9. Flash Memory

Flash memory storage devices are typically small, lightweight, removable and rewritable. They consist of a small printed circuit board which is encased in plastic or metal casing. They usually Flash memory stickshave a removable cap which covers and protects the part of the stick which is inserted into a USB port.

Memory sticks are available from 1 Gb upwards.






  • They are more compact and portable than CDs or DVD.
  • They hold more data than a CD, many gigabytes
  • They are reliable as they have no moving parts (unlike a hard disk)
  • They are easily branded on their cover to reflect the organisation
  • They are not affected by magnetic fields (unlike magnetic tape)
  • More expensive than CD or DVD as a medium
  • They can be easily lost
  • The metal part which is inserted into the USB port can be snapped off or damaged if they are handled roughly


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