10. Blu-Ray

Blu-ray disk can store even more data than a DVD. A single layer disk can hold 25GB whilst a double layer disk can store up to 50GB.

Blu Ray diskThe look quite similar to a CD or DVD as they are the same size (form factor), however, only a dedicated Blu-ray player can play them.

They are mainly used to store high quality commercial movies. But you can buy a Blu-ray burner for a personal computer and write-able blank Blu-ray disks.

The name comes from the fact that the players use a blue laser to read and write data and this explains why DVD player cannot use them as a DVD player uses a red laser.


  • They store much more data than a DVD disk
  • They are able to store a full length high definition film
  • You need a dedicated Blu-ray player to play the disks
  • Loading a film can take minutes as so much data needs to be read


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