5. Relevance

In order for information to be useful it must be relevant to you.


You have a great deal of information to learn for each of your AS levels. Each time you go to lessons you probably take a lot of notes and perhaps are given handouts by your teachers to read.

What about if your teachers decided to spend a few weeks teaching you about things that particularly interested them? What they had taught you might have been very interesting to both them and you but it isn't relevant to what you needed at the time. You would find that you had spent a few very precious weeks learning about things that you didn't need to know in order to pass your exam.

Weather forecasts

Whilst it might be interesting to find out what the weather is like in Florida or Melbourne today, it isn't really relevant to your everyday life. It won't help you decide whether you need to take an umbrella with you before you leave home.

Doctor's appointments

You might be feeling unwell and want to make an appointment to see your doctor. You phone up the local surgery to find out when the doctor has a spare appointment time.

It wouldn't be very useful or relevant to you if the receptionist told you how many appointment times were available to see the nurse.

House prices

Perhaps your parents might be thinking of moving house.

The first thing they would do would be to speak to an estate agent to find out how much their house was worth.

It wouldn't be useful or relevant if the estate agent were to tell them how a similar house in a different part of the country might be worth.


challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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