2. Why build new IT systems?

New IT systems are being developed all the time in almost every type of organisation from a small shopkeeper who wants a custom built stock control system to the NHS who want a national database on which they can keep the medical records of every person in the UK.

Here are a few other examples of IT systems:

  • Banks - customer record systems, systems for ATM machines, systems for approving or rejecting mortgage applications
  • Hospitals - pharmacy systems for keeping track of drugs and creating printed prescriptions, appointment systems for outpatients
  • Government - online tax payment system, online census information
  • Supermarkets - stock control systems, payroll systems


A new IT system may be commissioned for a number of reasons:

The current one is out of date and no longer doing its job effectively

Technology might have moved on and new things are possible that couldn't be done with the previous system

A competitor has developed a new system or process and the organisation needs something similar in order to offer the same service to customers

The organisation has grown and the current system can't cope with the increased demands placed on it. Perhaps the company had only a few customers to start with but now it needs to be able to deal with hundreds of accounts.

A new part of the company needs IT support e.g. a new customer service help desk.

The company might want to improve the quality of a repetitive task. Doing the same thing over and over is very tiring and tedious for a person. A robotic system may be able to help with this. For instance the car industry makes heavy use of robots in their factories.


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